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GuruMan's 20a build

Swapped out the wobbly drag link end at the pitman arm while trying to not sweat too much.

Pretty straightforward, but I did have to wail on the pickle fork a bit to looses the old taper.

It's the first time I've done much with this style adjuster. I found it weird that you cannot just spin the end off the drag link, you have to turn the adjuster until it lets go of the end, then you can spin it off. The rod end has a slot in it that keeps it from spinning until the adjuster is backed off enough. It took about 8 turns of the adjuster, then 43 turns of the rod end to get it off.

Even after carefully counting the rod end and adjuster turns, the steering wheel was still off by about 30 degrees... There's no winning that battle, I guess.

Pic of the Chineseum replacement end. I wonder how long it'll be before I wished I dropped aftermarket drag link and tie rod in?

Got back my recent oil test with 5k mile on the oil, no issues with plenty of TBN to spare. Blackstone suggested extending the interval to 7k miles, but I'm not going to go past the 6k, I'll probably do 5k again.