Gorilla Glass

Have a 22 and rock hit my gorilla glass and instantly cracked . Took it to Novus glass , they informed me that it has a first time replacement with jeep. She called my local jeep dealer and talked to someone and said bring it by, went to local jeep dealer, which is a horrible dealer, and they discussed and told me nope just go back to Novus glass to get replaced. Wow! Apparently they don’t want the business , and was happy to return to Novus glass and had my window in 3 days. So, does gorilla glass have free replacement? I was told no if was a rock chip🤷‍♀️why else would you replace your window 🤨if it wasn’t a rock chip or this case a crack. I am not impress with gorilla glass rock just barely hit it and spidered instantly.

There’s a few other threads about it on the JL forum too. Seems dealer dependent on getting it replaced under warranty.

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