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Front end protection


Mar 29, 2021
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2021 Rubicon 392, 2010 Rubicon, 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500HD, 2020 BMW X6 M50i
If you’re flat towing your 392, what are you using to protect your Jeep from rocks and/or other road damage. I’m looking at Roadmaster and Tow Car Cover. Any input would be much appreciated!
I have used both the Blue Ox Kargard and the Road Master Tow Defender, towing as far as Alaska, The Tow Defender is easier to stowaway, but get's really Muddy and dirty on dirt roads, If you don't plan to get off the pavement it's not going to be a issue. The Blue Ox Kargard is harder to stowaway but easier and faster to re-install and helps with bugs, Both work at keeping the rocks off during towing. I personally like the Blue Ox Kargard, I venture off the payment with my Motorhome and just don't like how much mud and dirt build's up on the Tow Defender.
Do you think the Towmaster dose a better job keeping ricks from hitting the Jeep and the windshield? I wouldn’t mind the extra cleaning if it protects
The Jeep better.
I would say there just about equal maybe a little bit of an edge to the Towmaster, I haven't had any damage from rocks using either one. If I had already had a Road Master, Tow Bar System I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Tow Defender.
Sounds good, appreciate the input!