Fox 2.5 Elite DSC Adjustment Frustration


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Jun 11, 2021
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I don't know if it's just me, but I'm having one hell of a time adjusting these Fox 2.5 elite DSC shocks for crawling. I''m getting a lot more body roll (side to side) than I would expect when boulder crawling...I mean head slamming body roll.... My setup is: MC 3.5" (392) game changer lift, 37" STT Pro's, about 600 lbs of skid plates, bumper, winch, steps, etc. The shocks where tuned by Accutune for the Adventure tune. I've gone from one end of the spectrum for adjustment settings to the other, i.e. full CW on both in several steps and full CCW also, and many combination in between. It's hard to say, but I basically don't notice any difference in motion at different settings. I curious as to what other folks are experiencing, body roll wise, with the Fox 2.5 shocks when boulder crawling. Also what settings are you using for the trail?