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They can benchmark this:

Fenders :LOL:

I kid. I would consider a Braptor (Still think it would have been cooler if they named it Warthog instead) if they ever become not impossible to get...and just not from any of my local Ford 'dealers'...It'll be hard to take me away from the better top options of a Wrangler though.
We have one getting built next month. Can’t wait. The one touch and the exhaust on our 392XR are really game changers though. Eager to have both in the garage and compare. Though I have a feeling it’ll be apples to oranges between the setups and engines. Also, they just announced 418hp and 440ft/lbs for the Ecoboost. So we shall see!
I have two Broncos ordered one up north in Michigan and one in Ky. Gave up on both of them. 🙄
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Yah I lost a first edition and gave up on a Braptor I was talking to a dealer about as soon as I heard 'ADM'. They're cool, but not ADM cool to me. I'd rather have a one touch top and a few thousand under MSRP, thank you very much. I have a hummer reservation in too. I only have so much in funds and garage space. lol
My Ford dealer called me two weeks ago to say I could have his next Braptor allotment. 30k over msrp! No thanks