First time OR in the Newbie Rubi


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Sep 14, 2021
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Hi everyone
thought I would do a little write up of the first time off road in the new rig. Just some observations.

First, I started at 10k feet, wound up around 12,5k. 50° temp to start, dropped to around 30° at altitude, some snow pack. No issues with engine, trans, or oil temps. respectively, while moving at about 7-10 mph, trans stayed at 197°, oil was consistently 205°-225°, coolant stayed around 202°-214°. 4MPG while in 4L, unless I was descending and not on the throttle. With that number, spare fuel will be a must here in CO and surrounding states.

As compared to my JKUR, the lockers and sway bar seemed to engage and disengage quicker and with less “finessing” of the steering wheel, less need for close to level ground, etc. I initially wanted to see how the 4H Auto performed and it was nice. Better than expected. Except, I could feel some initial wheel spin a few times on the snow and rocks and shifted into 4H part time. Went a little further, then decided on 4L. Engaged the lockers just to test them. Everything ran great. No issues. I did like the camera for backing down the trail. My JKUR had a few cameras that I installed on it, so this was still nice to already be installed. I may add two on the turn knuckles as I had on my JK.

That’s it! It was a good day in the “hills” of Arapaho Natl. Forest.
i hope this helps anyone who is wondering how their rig will perform!
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