FINALLY picking her up in 2 days..


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Jan 5, 2022
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Alexandria, VA
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Wednesday afternoon I'll bring her home! Ordered on 2/28/22 and built on 7/10...delivered to my dealership (Koons) in Northern VA on 7/29. Oddly enough, the Jeep site tracker still says the shipping date as "TBA" we all know that can be wonky. For those of you checking in on that, maybe expect the surprise call from the dealership (like I got) just saying "Oh hey, it's here..." a couple weeks after it's built. Or not. :)

I have a question for ya'll though...I plan on immediately changing out the rims & tires to something I like better. I've heard that the TPMS sensors can be really finicky on the new(er) JL's, and I never had issues with my JK. Do you recommend I remove the new sensors from the wheels that come on it and install on my new ones, or should I just be able to purchase more? I had planned on leaving them on for the next owner, but am hearing that they may not work for older Jeeps anyway. I was hoping to avoid the work of removing the tires from the rims on 2 different sets if I must use the stock ones, but now i'm reading things saying DO NOT try aftermarket TPMS with these new Jeeps or just pony up for a brand new set of OEM if you want to go that route. Thoughts??
I had mine removed and installed in my new set. No issues at all. If you sell your factory rims/wheels let the buyer deal with trying to replace the sensors.