Excellent "How it Works" Demo of Automatic Wheel Balancers for Oversize Wheels/Tires


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Jul 13, 2021
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Here in Texas, even passenger cars have oversized tires - to an absurd level sometimes. Anyways, I was needing to get my JK balanced. It just can't seem to keep balance for more than 750-1,000 miles with 35's on it. So a friend of mine told me to look at Centramatic, which is HQ'd down here in Alvarado, TX. I haven't purchased yet, but I'm intrigued. He says his (and his friends) pickups ride like brand new, regardless of mileage and wear on the tires. He's running 37's and his 2 friends that turned him on to Centramatic are running 40's. So while I have yet to prove it first hand, he's a gear head and hasn't steered me wrong before so I',m definitely going to try them out on the JK. If I like the setup, I'll put them on the 392 even if they're already perfectly balanced. Anyways, after he told me, I started doing some research. This video is pretty cool and shows it working in action. It's sorcery!

Well now I want to try a set. LOL
That is fascinating! I thought "bead balance" worked on the same theory...is it different?
Well that's one of the coolest things I have seen!
I have used the Centramatics on Super Swampers on a 96 1-ton with a 7" lift that I could not keep the tire's in balance they worked great.

I currently have them installed on my Motor Home and it rides like it's floating on air, very smooth ride. have around 25k on the set.

I'm not sure I would run them on a Jeep they might trap mud, dirt and rock's between the rim and the plate if you go offroad or in the mud.
I guess you would have to give them a try and see how they do. They do sell them for Jeeps!