Everyday Driver - Bronco/Wrangler Video Comp.


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Jul 13, 2021
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In my infinite boredom during this eternal wait, I still peruse and watch like every 392 video to hit YouTube.
Here's a very good 'ol Bronco Vs Wrangler video that's decently fair and unbiased:

Great video, and I think a really fair comparison. I can't speak for everyone, but I would venture to guess that a lot of the things that they liked about the Jeep (in terms of connectivity to the road, it's solid feel, the legacy, etc.) are the same things that lots of us love, and why we're here! I'm all fired up for the 392 being the best version of the best off-road vehicle ever made.

The Bronco, on the other hand, has a LOT going for it. Personally I'm a huge fan of the styling, the doors, the electronic features, etc. The comfort and the drivability are super appealing too, especially coming from the stiffer more off-road oriented rig I'm currently in. Every time I drive a more "modern" vehicle on the road, I'm pretty amazed at how comfortable (and quiet!) driving can actually be, especially when I'm not on 37s in a 12-year old JK, haha. I expect to feel like I'm in a rocket propelled Cadillac when I compare my current rig to the incoming 392.

All that said, I just love Jeeps, so I admit I'm a little biased. I'm sure both vehicles will make their purchasers very happy people. Plus, (I know it gets said a lot, as it was mentioned in this video too), I'm excited for real competition to bring all kinds of cool new innovations into the Jeep line. Hoping the 392 is just the beginning!

What I think will be super interesting to see is how things shake out over the next decade as electric tech gets better and better. I know there are people out there who resist it to some extent, but we can't deny that it's the future. When Jeep announces a fully electric model, I'm gonna be pretty excited about it too. That tech just keeps getting better and better. After watching a bunch of stuff about the F150 Lightning, and seeing the reviews on the 4xe, (to say nothing of Cybertruck and Rivian among many others) I think we'll start seeing some interesting competition in that realm very soon as well!

OK, back to infinite boredom for both us of while we await our new Jeeps, :ROFLMAO:(y)
Very balanced and fair review, but I just don't like the Bronco look. To me, it's a brick on wheels with no personality. The Wrangler is a better off-roader. The only way Bronco really beats it is in comfort, and while racing across semi smooth desert terrain, which not many people have access to. In the end, if I just wanted a good and tough highway/daily driver that can go off road too, I'd buy a 392. And I did.
Well said, @dog ! Completely agree that the Bronco deserves its fair shake and having it is good for the Wrangler, and all of us for that matter.

But I'm in Camp @HearHear ... as much as I liked it on paper, and had an FE reserved, the more I see them in person, the less personality I think they have. And it's the traditional Jeep quarks combined with the iconic look that has remained globally identifiable for over 80 years that make me love driving a Jeep... solid front axle highway quirks and all.
I saw a blue 2 door Bronco yesterday. Looked to be a "First Edition" with the velocity blue. It looked great. I'd definitely buy it if all I needed was 2 doors.

The 4 door doesn't look as good imho. I still like it, but I think the Jeep looks a bit better.