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Engine Bay Light

CPT Papa

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May 10, 2021
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Cherokee TH
I am looking for some ideas on installing an engine bay light, best location, mounting, where to buy, etc. I do know I want it switched and not auto when open. Many times I leave the hood open for extended periods. Thanks
Following this. Also interested
Back in the 90s GM had retractable lights under the hoods of some trucks. They were not overly bright but I bet by now someone makes an LED bulb that would fit them. Found a thread on a Chevy site that shows them. They can still be found in junk yards and eBay.

Prob infinite options. Find an led w/housing you could drill a hole for in the plastic hydro guide, route wiring in a “pretty” way to a stand alone switch w/relay or one of the aux switch leads.
I have a Baja Designs dome light installed under my hood and it is great. I will post some picture this evening.