DRL trigger wire for HALO power


Nov 2, 2021
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Anyone out there know where the DRL trigger wire is on the 392?

I'm installing some aftermarket lights that have halo's on them, and the instructions call for the halo wire to be connected to the vehicles DRL trigger wire. I've done my best searching the net for this and come up with noth'n! I haven't gone to the light manufacturer yet because in my past experience they don't want tell you so there is no liability on their part.

Thanks for any input or clues......

This is great info..... looks like this is just what I needed to figure out. I was planning to just locate the specific DRL power wire and tap into it, but this adapter harness is even better. I hate cutting into existing wires! With this harness, I believe all I need to do is run the Halo power wires to the yellow wire on this harness. I'll contact Quadratec to confirm, and then get one of these on order.

Thank you very much for the help!!!