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Apr 11, 2022
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Looking for some advice from the forum. Ordered a non XR in March and it is currently in Shipped status - delivery TBD. My dilemma - really want an XR but torn between re- order of an XR or modding my Non XR. If I spent the money to mod, I would want 37’s -(now I would need to re-gear, some sort of reinforcement for the 37’s, and a lift.). With an XR, I would probably mod eventually, but would be fine, at least for a while, keeping it stock. I know I could buy and sell, just trying to avoid the hassle. Thoughts?
I'm in the exact same situation. Expect to pick up my non XR in a few weeks. But, i don't have 37s planned, at least in the short term. Ordering an XR 2023 comes with a large price increase and delay. Not worth it for me.
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You’ll probably get all kinds of opposing views on this that may not make the decision any easier. For whatever it’s worth I was faced with the decision a couple months back of allowing the XR package to be removed from my order and built sooner or have it possibly delayed a few months and deferred to a ‘23 build with the XR. I chose to wait for the XR if it became necessary (luckily it turned out not to have to be deferred to a ‘23) and took delivery a few weeks back with the XR package. Now that I have it I definitely feel it was the right decision. I like the XR wheel/tire package much better than non-XR and having the 4.56 gears from the factory under warranty is a big plus. Having these already in the build allow me to focus on other mods right away (the mod list and $$$ keep growing by the day :p). I may eventually upgrade the wheels/tires, but for now am very happy with the factory XR setup.

The only thing that might make me change my mind is having to completely re-order now would mean giving up price protection and a ‘23 with XR has had price increase (possibly several depending on when you originally ordered your current non-XR). Given that, I’d advise doing the math. It may be much more in your interest to mod your current non-XR.
Great advice. Great perspective. Thx so much. Lots of options to weigh.
I only wanted 35s and would refuse the Jeep if they forced me to get 4.56 gears, if the XR came with 4.10s I might not have minded but I prefer to not run BFG tires. Swapped the 35x12.50r17 Falken Wildpeak AT3/Ws at the local tire shop who gave me a great trade in price for the factory BFG bricks and couldn't be happier. The Falken 35 fits just perfectly on the spare tire carrier and the rear door opens/closes just fine without blocking the rear tail light or setting off the backup sensors.
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Great advice. Great perspective. Thx so much. Lots of options to weigh.
Thx for the advice all. Walked away from my Non Xr that literally arrived at the dealership on Monday of this week. Couldn’t shake spending $80k+ and not getting EXACTLY what I wanted. Placed my order for an XR today. Now the wait all over again. But because of this forum, I am only paying $2k more than I ordered my non XR for.