Console 392 or JEEP decor?


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Mar 14, 2022
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Ok you innovative or 3D laser printer guys, a thought or question…..
This spot, as circled below
in red, on the center console, just fwd of the cup holders, seems ripe for some type of stick-on decor. Seems it would be a great spot to have a “392” (as on our hoods) or “JEEP” decal, or 3D piece. Presumably applied with double-sided tape. Anyone seen such an offering, or have ideas/suggestions?
Hmmm.... I like it. Can you measure the hood badge? Would it fit there?
Bummer. I’ll have to search for a smaller 392 emblem. I’m really digging the idea
I have a 2021 and it doesn't have that 80th anniversary plaque. Hmm
Ordered beginning of May, 2021. Received beginning of August.
Hmmm....I picked mine up at the beginning of August 2021 and ordered it in Feb. 2021. No 80th Anniversary sticker on mine either. Lame!
Same here
Appears there may be potential warranty claims to be made. Curious as to the color of the data plates are on the tailgate door for those without the 80th anniversary plaque. Is it the incorrect silver JL 2 & 4 door plaque or the gold 392 data plate?
My tailgate plaque is gold.
My tailgate plaque is gold.
Mine is the incorrect silver 2/4 door regular Wrangler data plate. Jeep customer service reimbursed me for my purchase of a correct plate which I keep in the glovebox as a souvenir.
So, this means both (silver ad gold) didn't get the 80th anniversary plaque.
Ordered my 392XR in Aug 21 and picked up end of Jan…no plaque and tailgate plate was correct (gold, 35” tire, etc).
I picked mine up in December 2021 and no anniversary plaque either. Correct tailgate plate though. Oh well, like those with an incorrect plate, just a fact of life with inconsistent Jeep builds. They seem to be like fingerprints almost, each one is unique and that’s ok.