Chip shortage?


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Apr 24, 2021
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Los Angeles, CA
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One dealer told me there is a chip shortage so if I ordered a 392 I'd only get a single key and no blind spot detection is available.

Two questions: has anyone else heard the same and if so, is the no blind spot detection a big deal or not really?

My current wrangler is so old I can't imagine having any modern technology in a jeep at all, though at the same time one of the reasons I want to upgrade is to get all the bells and whistles...
It is my understanding the Toledo plant is not having the chip problem. Read this article

"Protecting Profitable Models​

The automaker has so far protected its most profitable vehicles from the chip shortage -- Jeep Wranglers made in Toledo, Ohio and pricier Ram 1500 models made in Sterling Heights, Michigan."
Here is a more recent one and doesn't mention the Wrangler being affected either. I wonder if the dealers are using this chip shortage as an excuse to mark these 392 up.