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Jan 28, 2021
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Ok, so I know most of us are posting about what mods we are planning right out of the gate. I want to ask opinions about bumpers. I know we are all getting the steel bumper group as standard. I had the smittybilt xrc front and rear bumpers on my JKU and loved them. However, I have not really found a bumper that really strikes me for the JL because of the rear license plate. I want to go back with the smittybilt xrc for the front - really like the look. But...do we have definitive information that the led fogs fit this bumper? I think I am going to stay with the factory rear bumper for the immediate future, as I really like the way it ties into the rear fender flares. But again, if I decide to go with tubular fenders... It is really hard to not just go with what I had/knew/liked on the jk. Seems like a rambling post - apologies - but thoughts on the bumpers?
Bumping this... Anyone installed a an aftermarket front bumper that fits the stock LED fog lights? Every bumper I'm coming across says "Steel bumper group LED fog lights require modifications to the brackets." Curious what exact modifications are needed?