Bumpers….Has anyone been able to successfully fit new front and rear bumpers?


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Jan 11, 2021
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Gulf Breeze Florida
Has anyone been able to successfully fit new front and rear bumpers?
I was looking at Smittybuilt and rockslide bumpers and nobody is sure if they will fit the new Jeep.

I called Smittybuilt and they said that they cannot guarantee fitment on the 392s. Has anyone had any luck?
Had the smittybilt front and rear on my jk - loved them! I only wish they would come up with a license plate bracket actually on the rear bumper for the jl. That being said, the pics on this thread definitely show them both on the 392 - but...as the thread title says, there is a lift installed. Not sure if that matters.

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Keep us posted if you go this route. I have considered going smittybilt for front and found this one for rear https://www.hammerheadarmor.com/pro...er-jl-ravager-series-wrinkle-black-hammerhead. Panels seem to look similar but has license plate bracket. I have found multiple pics of the rear with panels painted. Not sure if they come black or stainless. I also really like how the hammerhead full width one lines up with the rear fenders. Not rushing into the bumper mods yet though.
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Rockhard front and rear aluminum - no issues having them installed


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I put on the Fab Four lifestyle with warn winch and go rhino rb20 side steps with no prob.


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For bumpers, there is nothing unique and everything that fits the JL will work for you. I’ve already swapped out both🤓
I just finished installing Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter front and rear bumper that I ordered for my 2020 JLU. They took so long to get here, I had my 392 order in and left them in the box until this week. No issues on the front and rear bumper, but the spare tire carrier has an option for the rear view camera and 3rd brake light bracket that doesn't work. Jeep changed the camera for 2021 JLU 392. It no longer has the metal bracket with the three screw holes. The new cam is just the camera body, so I had to hobo it in place. I called ADD to inform them but they are swamped and don't have time to deal with it right now.
Just added this ARB steel bumper with a winch. The only downside was it added about 150 pounds of weight to the front of the vehicle over the stock steel bumper with no winch. Because of that additional weight I had some sag to the front springs. Corrected that by adding 1-inch spacers from Teraflex.


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