Brushed Aluminum Pedals


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Jan 28, 2021
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I picked up the quadratec dead pedal after reading Yukon's endorsement of it. Also picked up the Mopar brushed aluminum pedal set. Attaching pic so those interested can see how they go together. Not a perfect match like a set of three but pretty dang close - imho. Have to give a huge shout out to the quadratec dead pedal too. It is VERY sturdy and love the fact it lifts for floor mat removal/adjustment. Now - the installation of the brushed set is a major pain in the butt, as most mods never go as easy as it looks. I think it is worth it though. Install tips that worked for me: brake pedal - you do remove the factory pad - forget the piece of string and soaking it in hot water. Just install from the bottom, pull the top out toward you and the holding clip will bend over the top of the pedal. Gas pedal - you leave the factory pedal in place. The top of the new pedal was the stickler for me. I just got a medium c clamp with a rag and tightened it up until it snapped into place. Hope this helps any that are looking for something new (brushed) to go with something definitely needed (dead).
pedals 2.jpeg