Best place to sell 392 with AEV upfit in Arizona?


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Dec 14, 2021
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‘21 Wrangler 392 AEV
I will be there at the end of May to visit family and was looking for suggestions on selling my Stingray 2021 392 with fUll AEV JL370 upfit.
16,000 miles. Any info would be helpful.



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I’d put an ad on here and on the other JL forum. Why are you selling? Nice rig!
I’d put an ad on here and on the other JL forum. Why are you selling? Nice rig!
Just won’t get the use out of it as it’s built for more off-roading obviously. It rides and handles really well. Has 4.56 gears and the added fuel carrier behind the spare. Also had about every option with sky one touch top and added headliner and Tazer MINI. AEV does an amazing job and it has the door stamp for authenticity. Might get another one and just leave it stock with slight add-ons
I sold our previous JKUR on Craigslist.
If you really want to sell it, you will have no problem doing so whatever way you decide to sell. FYI, there is a Barrett Jackson auction coming up in Las Vegas shortly. You’d likely get a premium there, minus fees. May appreciate significantly if you’re able to hold on to it….Hold on, let me talk to the better half and check some things.. 😳
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try Stuff sells very well on there and they have an IG page that has lots of followers.
I will be in the Tucson area at the end of the month and would like to sell it there so does anyone know the best place out there or in Phoenix to list it for sale? 2021 392 in Stingray with One Touch, front cam, hitch, trail rail, black grill with full AEV JL 370 upfit, which was 20k with warn with. Has Tazer mini installed and miles will be about 16,250 at that time. Thanks


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