Auto High Beam Control


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Feb 12, 2022
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Southern Indiana
Have any of you guys/gals experienced intermittent function of the auto high beams? I head to work while it's still dark out, and when I switch on the high beams, I get the message on the EVIC that the "Auto High Beam" is enabled. Problem is...sometimes it works and most times it doesn't. I cleaned the little camera lens on the back of the rear-view mirror, but I'm still encountering this issue. I checked the appropriate box in the "settings" to make sure the function was enabled. I'm asking before I throw in the towel and head to the dealership service department who will proceed to tell me that I'm outa my mind because they can't duplicate it.

can‘t speak on the 392 yet, but I pretty much turn it off on all of my vehicles that have had it… more often then not, on any brand/model I’ve used it on, street signs turn it back to low when you don’t want it to, and oncoming headlights don’t when it should. It’s just too inconsistent across the board for me to have faith in it yet. Not saying there might not be an issue, just that if you haven’t had a vehicle with auto high beam yet, they’re all spotty in performing…. I use it on long stretches of dark road, but that’s about it.
I don't like the feature as much. I had it enabled at first and seemed to work OK. As @YukonCornelius said, street lights lowers them. The back and forth between highs and lows is too frequent if you live in an Urban or semi-urban place. I have it disabled, but they seemed to work as intended.
I don't have my 392 Jeep yet, but I had the feature on my 2020 392 Scat Pack Challenger. It seemed to work "ok"...but for what it's worth not as well as it does in our Jag F-Type. We also live in a pretty urban/suburban area as well, so I usually just end up shutting it off. Nobody likes being the d*ck that's driving around blasting their retina-blinding beams into oncoming traffic because the auto system didn't shut the beams off. least being on the receiving end of it (my biggest driving related pet-peeve!)
Same as above, I turned it off on my Grand Cherokee. I've seen the Wrangler JL with LED at night, their low beam is super bright already.
You guys are onto something! I live in the hill-country of southern Indiana and they've never even heard of street lights here, BUT...I think the curves and hills are causing the intermittent issues. To avoid frustration, I'll follow the pack and disable them in settings. Thanks guys!!
I've never owned a vehicle that had auto high beams before. As soon as I had time to customize in the menus it was disabled. I'm pretty sure I'm able to decide when I need/dont need them.
This is the first vehicle I've had that had auto high beams. It actually works good enough where I live that I prefer it to manual high beams. It is not perfect, but the lights on the 392 are a quantum leap over my JK. Low's were set way too high from factory and I was getting flashed constantly (rightfully so). Lowered them incrementally until I quit getting flashed. I watched some youtube videos about adjusting them to 3 feet high at 25 feet, etc. Even a 1 degree change in level makes a significant difference at 150 feet down the road. I wanted them as high as they could be without it bothering other drivers.

I did notice if you turn the light knob out of "auto" and just to "on" that it disables auto high beams and they work like regular headlights. There are situations where I want them on, but the auto does not make them come on (like when I'm looking out in our field to see the deer; not hunting, just sight seeing).

The lights being set so high is another example of jeep missing details. Jeep is not alone in this however. The bright LED's on the Wrangler made my wife take notice that her 2014 land cruiser lights are too low even on highest setting, I was able to adjust them upwards and she is a much happier camper.