📷 JOTM August 2021 Jeep 392 of the Month starts now!

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It's time for the August 2021 Jeep 392 of the Month photo contest! Now is the perfect time to show off your Jeep Wrangler 392 and gain some forum notoriety as a TOTM winner. The winner will receive a special TOTM badge and will be listed on the 2021 Jeep 392 Wall of Fame. (coming soon)

1. Post your best Jeep 392 photo in this thread. (You Must be the Owner and only 1 photo)
2. 👉 **** Post a short caption about the photo ***** 👈
3. We'll leave this thread open until August 10th, 2021 @ 3:00 EST
4. All TOTM contest winners will not be eligible within 6 months of winning.
5. All entries will be posted in a voting thread and the entire Jeep392.com community will have a chance to decide the winner.

Good luck!
Bump for the weekend!
I’ll start….. only had for a couple weeks so just street pics thus far. Swapped our wheels and tires to 35” and black Wicked off road wheels. Still smile every time I drive it!! It’s is truly the best Jeep I’ve owned over many years.
In Southern Colorado on the top of Engineer Pass, July 27th at 1,501 miles on the clock. Everyone should be the first at something during their time on this planet and this may be mine.... could be the very first 392 JLRU at Engineer Pass!!! Never saw another 392 during the entire trip....
Engineers Pass.png
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Looks like it's going to be a tough voting month! 1 more day to enter!