Artec Inner Fender Liners


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Aug 11, 2021
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2021 Sarge 392xr
I got these inner fender liners to prevent issues with stock ones getting soft with heat and ripping off as others have experienced. It gets hot here in summer. Also to reduce underhood heat. These have vents cut into the fender liners. Also the factor plastic inner liners are partially coated with reflective heat shield which reflects heat back under the hood which is not good. Hopefully these will radiate heat and the vents will help with airflow under hood a little.

Did these this morning. They came raw and I painted them black with RustOleum. Overall not bad. Printed instructions were not the best, but they had a video that helped a lot. Pictures and comments below.

Note the heat shielding on the exhaust manifold from the factory. Glad they put it there. When removing fenders, instead of pulling straight out, they come off easier if you lift upward on fender. It helps the clips come off better and you will break less of them. I broke a few and the ones I have bought for my JK that I had left over did work, but were a tighter fit. The JL clips are nicer.

Note windshield washer bottle. This is why you have to get 392 or Ecodiesel specific liners. Ones for regular Rubicon are different.


This wire clip was originally in the hole in the sheetmetal there. I moved it to a vacant hole on washer bottle. Instructions did not show this but this looked like a solid solution rather than leaving wire dangling. That hole was used for mounting the liner.


Liner hit this wiring harness (one going to fender for lights). So I had to grind a notch out to make it fit. This also was not in instructions.


Note wiring harness at top where I notched out liner. Everything else went smoothly. Had to come back with paint and end and touch up scratches from install. The rustoleum scratches easily off the aluminum.


Had to cut same notch on passenger side for wiring harness.


Rather than get rid of plastic factory inner liner entirely, I chose to keep the part that is directly under the fender. It cut easily with some metal shears.


Completed picture.... the vents should help with cooling I hope. That is the main reason I did this.


Just a closeup of exhaust heat shield. For future reference, this will be the easiest way to get to O2 sensor probably.
Nice! I am being looking at this one for a while especially now that had the aFe headers on my 392.