Are these paint issues common?


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Jan 6, 2022
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2022 392 XR White w/half doors (est. ship 5/13; ordered 1/23)
Finally have time to go through it in more detail but still not done. I've been finding little things all over with the paint. I checked the hinges and theyre fine but see the pics.

1. Under the hood on one side looks like rub and down to metal.
2. Chip that was painted over on the door sill.
3. A bit of rough paint on the same door sill.

I'm making a list but wondering if others have seen similar issues and what they've done. I've heard the saying "the 392 is a 30k vehicle with 60k of options".



  • Under Hood Paint.jpeg
    Under Hood Paint.jpeg
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  • Bubble on Drivers Door Sill.jpeg
    Bubble on Drivers Door Sill.jpeg
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  • Rough paint on Drivers Door sill 1.jpeg
    Rough paint on Drivers Door sill 1.jpeg
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Hi @agjr200hp. Thanks for posting. I have not seen blemishes on my 392 such as the ones shown in your pictures, nor did the detailer who looked at the paint closely as he cleaned, prepped, and applied ceramic coating. I did not examine the paint closely under the hood, but will now that I saw your post, and I will report back if I find anything that looks sloppy or problematic. Thanks again.