AFE Scorcher GT versus PC or PM?


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Jul 13, 2021
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So I’ve been a fan of Pedal Commander and have considered the Banks Pedal Monster as an alternative since it can restrict the sensitive throttle in reverse. But when it was all said and done, I decided to give the AFE Scorcher GT a try. They do a different approach and alter the air/fuel ratios through MAP and IAT programming and claim a slight bump in HP. Couldn’t find anything from anyone actually running one outside of Diesel engines, but I went with it based on AFE’s good reputation. Should be here in a few days and I’ll post thoughts when I get it installed (supposedly only about 30 minutes.)
Anyways, just checking to see if anyone else considered this direction, or better yet, did go this route and what your take on it is…?
So, been running the AFE Scorcher GT for about a week and 200 miles. As a throttle response mod, I wouldn’t put in the same category as Pedal Commander or Pedal Monster. May still end up going Pedal Commander, just not sure yet. What I‘d say it does do, however, is tweak the power curve (like a ”soft” powerband on a 2-stroke dirt bike.) It gives a nice, but slight bump in power just before 3,000 rpm and through the 3k range - right where I’d consider the sweet spot.

Does it do what AFE claims? Yes, but subtly. Not really sure it’s worth the $360 for such a modest difference compared to Pedal Commander. .