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Mar 10, 2022
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Full list applicable aFe Intakes:

This rebate offer applies only to qualifying purchase(s) of the listed product model(s) between the purchase dates listed on this form. This offer is valid for purchases made from August 1, 2023 – September 30, 2023 on qualifying aFe POWER cold air intakes. Fill out this form completely and submit it along with:

1) A copy of a valid invoice, receipt or order confirmation with the qualifying purchase circled. The purchase date and products purchased must be readable. Handwritten invoices or receipts will not be accepted.

The original Serial number from the product box. The serial number is located on the outside of your intake kit box right above your part number.

3) Rebate submissions must be submitted before the deadline stated on this form. You must submit your rebate documents to file your claim.
FYI you can use the JEEP392 coupon code on these as well as claim the $50 rebate!
FYI these are still in-stock, claim the $50 rebate plus the forum discount code using: JEEP392 as your code!

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