JOTM 4R73M15 - 🏆 May 2023 Jeep 392 of the Month Winner

Jeep of the Month

I'm excited to unveil the outcomeof our May 2023 Jeep 392 of the Month photo contest! This month, we were presented with four awe-inspiring photo entries that commanded a total of 58 votes from our community.

And now, without any further ado, I'm happy to announce @4R73M15 as this month's contest victor! Your submission was truly extraordinary, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the Jeep 392 community. Congratulations on your well-earned victory!

Finally, I want to thank everyone who participated in this month's contest!

Be sure to check out all of the other Jeep 392s that are entered here:

The next contest will begin the first week of June!
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Thanks guys! @EarlsGoneWild had an epic shot that I thought was unbeatable. I certainly didn’t expect to get it this month.

Either way, I totally feel honored to be among the many JotM winners here.

Excited to share more shots with y’all in the future!