2021 Sarge XR finally arrived. Ordered 8/13


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Aug 11, 2021
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2021 Sarge 392xr
Sarge finally made it. Just posting up some quick pictures for proof that it exists :). For all those waiting, it is so worth the wait. I absolutely love it. No regrets. Crazy to drop over this much on a jeep, but it is a joy to drive. Feels so much more solid and stable than my JK. Feels like driving a tank when going slow and cruising, but on flip side when getting on the throttle it feels like driving a go kart. Engine has tons of power and torque. The thing just scoots. I am doing the break in procedure which is definitely a pain in the butt. Not to the letter, but going easy on it, but running engine through rpm range using manual shifting. I feel it is unnecessary, but can't hurt and I plan on driving this thing for quite a few years (unless they decide to hellcat the jeep as a last hoorah for v-8s). I like all the new tech and stepping up from 2013 JKUR, it is just a huge upgrade that I am still absorbing. Headlights were aimed too high from factory so had to adjust them down, but love the automatic high beams :). Apple car play is wonderful. The Uconnect screen and the screen in the instrument cluster are great. Automatic heated seats and heated steering wheel are sweet touches. The seats get hot way quicker than the JK and the heated steering wheel is nicer than the one in my wife's land cruiser.

Engine pulls strong at part throttle and sounds insane. My wife told me "I thought you weren't supposed to floor it yet." I had just accelerated a little harder than usual, no where near flooring it. At 250 miles now (in a day and a half) and working through the break in. Gonna get to 500 this weekend and will then do some short full throttle runs and after 1000 miles gonna drive it normally. I am a conservative driver, but really enjoy straight line acceleration, easing into the throttle coming out of a curve. This thing feels so much better in curves than my 4.5" aev lift on the 13 rubicon on 37's. Probably feels more stable in curves than it should, and I'm not gonna push it in the twisties.

Part throttle acceleration where the engine is at lower RPM's in higher gears under moderately heavy load feels fantastic. The soundtrack is really as cool as the youtube videos make it seem. Even my wife was grinning when she drove it and she left it in loud mode. Even though the exhaust is quite loud in performance mode when under load, it is not obnoxious when cruising. I have heard people on youtube complain about drone, but I don't notice a drone. My dynomaster on my 5.0 mustang droned. To me the 6.4 does not drone in either mode. The quiet mode is shockingly quiet. V8 burble and all the chaos just goes away, although it is supposed to go back to performance mode if you stand on it, I haven't used quiet mode enough to test this out.

It turns you into a hooligan and you will be "that guy (or gal)." You will be the one revving the engine in the car line picking up the kids. You will be the one getting on the pedal harder than you need to on main street just to make some noise. You will be the one idling next to the door picking your kids up from dance wondering what people think of this kind of sound coming from a jeep. You will be the one who dusts a mustang off the line at a red light just because you can. I haven't done all these things YET but I know I will.

If you've read this far, you've probably watched all the Youtube videos and continue to search for new ones on the 392 and are anxiously awaiting the arrival date. Just hang in there. So worth the wait. For me the jeep satisfies the 12y boy inside, but also checks a lot of adult boxes. It is very comfortable, composed and refined, but underneath lurks a beast. Maybe a gorilla in a tuxedo? Probably to better communicate the experience would require a poet. I'm sure things can be improved on, but the total package this thing delivers is immensely satisfying and as much time as we spend in vehicles, we should enjoy it.

"Gorilla in a tuxedo." Great way to put it. Mine is also sarge green. Such an amazing vehicle.
congratulations and awesome write up/real person review. Gotta say a lot of us are a bit jealous as the 4 month timeline for you seems crazy fast!!
congratulations and awesome write up/real person review. Gotta say a lot of us are a bit jealous as the 4 month timeline for you seems crazy fast!!
5 months....Nothing happened for long time, but once got build sheet, things seemed to go quickly.
I've got roughly 8k miles on mine, received Him back in June. I can tell ya, each mile brings more excitement. I've yet to become complacent with the fun, my smile just won't go away, lol. Staying abreast on this forum I continue to learn more & more about Him. Once you get a Tazer Mini it'll open up a whole new level of fun!!!

Congratulations on your new toy!!!
Nice write up. Thanks for sharing. You seem just a bit happy! 😄
Congrats and beautiful Jeep! Also, a great write-up, with which I agree with wholeheartedly. My wife had a similar comment to yours as we pulled onto the highway after picking up our 392. I too had to explain that I hadn't been close to flooring it, I just applied the same pressure I would have in our JK. However, the best response was from my 4 year old after we got home and I took the kids on a ride. I gave it maybe half throttle from a stop and he just said "Holy Crap" with the biggest smile on his face.
Beautiful ride and great commentary.
Thanks. Such cool vehicles. Glad they decided to make them