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145 Miles Power Steering Hot Light


Nov 18, 2021
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Yes, brand new and hot power steering light on. My first Jeep. May be my last. Two days and parked in line at the dealership.


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Loose ground is possible culprit. Wranglers can do some weird stuff, but the 392 will likely grow on you especially once you get it broke in.
Don’t let this bad experience sway you from Jeep… Yes, Jeep has QA issues, but they’re not alone there. Four of the last five Ford’s I’ve owned had something major give within 500 miles of warranty expiring. I said I’d never go back, but I did, and still do. I had a rear housing seep oil through the steel in under 3,000 miles. Yup, bad steel that was so porous it seeped through after one PA winter and barely had it 3 months before it sat at dealer for the next 2 waiting for a new housing (back when they made the HD Suburbans). Had 2 Corvette Z06’s that had body panels so Ill-fitting it was embarrassing for me to claim ownership when asked… could go on with 40 years of stories. Point being, there’s always something with someone’s. Just hope the dealer treats you respectfully and hope it ends there.

Unfortunately, these times seem to be plagued with issues more than ever, across the board of all manufacturers. Seems like supplier issues and labor issues are just throwing the muck into the swamp.

Give it a chance. Most likely Jeep will infiltrate your blood and you’ll become an enthusiast to the core.
Sell it, make a profit.
Any vehicle from any manufacturer can have issues right from the get go. Give the dealer a chance to make it right.
Chill, if there is a cooler there might be a small issue. water in your antifreeze overflow, thats a problem.

Beautiful Jeep give it a chance