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  1. MrDavo

    Infinite Offroad High Line Fender Brace w/ DRL

    Has anyone installed this chop kit and kept there fender flares?
  2. MrDavo

    Power Steering HOT Warning?

    Power Steering System Hot comes on mines very intermittently, but only happens when I'm flooring down the highway, and the light turns off when I come to a stop and the light might not come on again till maybe a week, sometimes even a month after. does anyone know where the ground cable is...
  3. MrDavo

    Power Steering HOT Warning?

    I just had mines happened to me as well but I just need to top off p/s fluid, its under the min
  4. MrDavo

    K&N Cold Air Intake

    Would you also post how that GT HAUS exhaust looks on the Jeep? I know it sounds badass
  5. MrDavo

    New KC Fog Lights Flex Era 3

    Loool, ill take it if you dont want it, and cancel my order
  6. MrDavo

    New KC Fog Lights Flex Era 3

    Lmaoo, I have one pair on order, why didn't you like it?
  7. MrDavo

    K&N Cold Air Intake

    Has anyone installed this yet?
  8. MrDavo

    Terra acoustic dash upgrade

    They're are awesome sounds good and looks good
  9. MrDavo

    Arb compressor Mount? Has anyone tried this yet for the ARB compressor, I really don't want to put the compressor inside the car.
  10. MrDavo

    Borla's 392 Exhaust

    That looks amazing brother, what rear tire carrier holder are you using with the AEV rear bumper?
  11. MrDavo

    New KC Fog Lights Flex Era 3 Anyone get this?
  12. MrDavo

    New Skid Plate for Engine Oil Pan

    Has anyone installed this?
  13. MrDavo

    Borla's 392 Exhaust

    Has anyone installed the borla exhaust with an AEV Bumper?
  14. MrDavo

    Commander Pedal Problem with Dealers

    Hey everyone, my left rear axle started leaking bad. I got 9400 miles on it. I have an appt to take it in the dealer, Im gonna un-marry the tazer, but do you guys remove the commander pedal too? Thanks
  15. D0981AB5-2265-43E3-929E-D23E8B3BF97F.jpeg


  16. MrDavo

    Oil Catch Can

    If anyone is interested in a oil catch Pettys Garage, has one, also if you live in California, yes you can order it online
  17. MrDavo

    Oil Catch Can Has anyone used this?
  18. MrDavo

    Oil Catch Can

    Visiting Las Vegas from Los Angeles, I cant order a oil catch can from Commifornia, anyone know where I can pick one up from Vegas next weekend? Thanks
  19. MrDavo

    Let’s talk brake upgrades

    Badass Jeep brother, did you order it in gold calipers or does it come in gold? I thought it came in silver. Thanks
  20. MrDavo

    AFE Cold Air Intake

    I believe this was made to work with the hydroguide