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    Rogue 392 Build

    Damn, that just SUCKS! I feel so bad for you! I really hope you get your new 24! I can’t imagine losing my 22XR.
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    Performance exhaust button - No difference in sound on/off?

    I can’t answer your question. But it could be worse, at least you’re not stuck in drive through mode. LOL!
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    XR wheels

    Same here, I get high 11 MPG. But I love the off-road plus mode. I’m sure that hurts the mileage.
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    Order status and Jeep chat

    I’ve never heard of anyone doing that. Everybody has to go through a dealer as far as I know. I went through Jeep Only on Sahara. My salesman was Patrick and he was excellent, it’s been about four months since I’ve last seen him so not sure if he’s still there. Paid MSRP and it took a little...
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    Well crap.

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    Order status and Jeep chat

    Yes that is correct. For the most part it seems to go pretty smooth and fast, like a day or two after being built. Mine for instance was built, received the window sticker, inspected and shipped all in 4-5 days. Although I’ve read some horror stories on here that inspection goes on for weeks and...
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    Order status and Jeep chat

    I am in Vegas. The worst was when my salesman text me and said it was at the rail yard in Vegas. I thought I’d have it the next day. It took another five days to get trucked to the dealer! Lol! It’s worth every minute of the wait. Glad your almost there!
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    No more XR Package for order…

    I prefer stock myself, that’s why opted for the XR. with 8 yr 125,000 extended warranty. Some mods look great. But ya, some just don’t know when to stop! Lol! But if you like it, that’s all that really matters.
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    1 Month and 3,704 Miles

    That sucks! This is definitely a 2% club I don’t wanna be a part of. I waited too long on this baby to have it out of commission that long. But I did get the eight year 125,000 mile warranty. Just in case. LOL
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    Production Quality

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    Production Quality

    I also live in Vegas and received my 22 XR back in June. Right away I noticed the same thing you’re talking about with the AC. Seems like if you’re on the gas at all it seems to cycle into warm air for a few seconds. I brought it up to the dealer when I took it to get the windows tinted. He...
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    Ordered 2023 XR

    That sucks, I ordered November 17, 2021 and got delivery of my XR on June 6, 2022. I went from D back to C and then back to D. Then after about 4 1/2 or five months it moved to D1 and moved pretty quickly after that. Hang in there, it will be worth it. I promise!
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    Order status and Jeep chat

    All I can say, is I am happy as hell with my 2022 XR totally stock. Maybe you guys or Jeep with the 20th will improve upon it. But when I look in the garage and see it sitting there it just makes me smile. And when you get behind the wheel, forget about it it’s crazy. I definitely wanted the...
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    Order status and Jeep chat

    Unfortunately, I knew nothing about this forum until I already had ordered my vehicle. Lol! I did learn a lot in the process, and in fact ordered my extended warranty through Granger, way cheaper.
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    Order status and Jeep chat

    Same with me, I actually gave my salesman a couple hundred dollars in gift cards to go get lunch a couple of different times after about the four month period when I knew it was getting close. To me it was worth it. Probably wasn’t necessary. But I can tell you nobody at the dealership ever...
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    My order moved from 'D' status to 'C' status

    All I can say is, after having it for five months, it is the funnest vehicle I’ve ever driven. I’m 58, so I’ve driven a few. Lol. As long as it ends up getting built at some point the wait will be worth it, that I can promise you. Good luck! The wait sucks!
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    My order moved from 'D' status to 'C' status

    My November 22 order did that after about two months. It stayed in C for about two weeks then back to D and then built about a month later.
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    first time EVER death wobble 392 with 9084 miles

    Same here, 4800 miles of smiles. Perfect so far!