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  1. Tree

    Just thought I’d share…✌🏼

  2. Tree

    Two generations of AEV Jeeps…

    Here are a few pics of my 2014 AEV JK with 5.7, and my 2021 AEV XR 392…
  3. Tree

    Pics of my AEV XR 392…

    I finally brought her home…✌🏼
  4. Tree

    AEV 392 XR…

    Hello all, Here are a few pics of my 392 XR getting it’s last final “blessings”@ AEV. It ships out first of week and hopefully will be in my garage by next weekend. I’ll post more detailed pics after I get her cleaned up etc…✌🏼
  5. Tree

    Just notified of production!💪🏼🇺🇸

    I just received an email from US Customer Care Jeep Information Center that my 392 XR has been sequenced for production… This should be fun!😎
  6. Tree

    XTreme Recon info…

    Just spoke with my dealership about my ordered XTreme Recon 392… She gave me my VIN and said it is scheduled to start production any day, and should be at my dealership within 4-6 weeks, possibly sooner. This is comforting news.✌🏼😎
  7. Tree

    Finally got my 392 in the garage…

    If you are considering buying a 392 or have the opportunity to drive one… DO IT! This thing is amazing, awesome, fantastic, fabulous etc, etc!
  8. Tree

    Hello everyone and congrats to all who have received their 392!

    I am awaiting delivery of our Black 392... it is being shipped to our dealership and should arrive within a week.💪🏼🇺🇸😎