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    392 Emblems

    Very Nice!
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    AEV 392 XR…

    As far as I am aware… the AEV Warranty covers all components for one (1) year. I know that their wheels are covered from defects etc for life. I had 3 out of 5 of my previous Pintler wheels replaced due to cracks in them over a 7 year period. I opted for the 4.56 gears with the XR package...
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    392 Emblems

    I ordered a set of door hinge covers from Amazon LOL!!! I painted them with AEV touch up paint and sprayed them with satin clear coat. I replaced the interior double sided tape that came on them with my own double sided tape I installed. They have been rock solid so far. I hate how road debris...
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    392 Emblems

    I had the whole Jeep debadged… I have several sets of hood emblems that I have painted different colors. I like the silver/matte pretty good, but I’m really liking the thought of ALL BLACK. I just finished painting the matte black hood emblems this evening. I’ll have it completed in the next...
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    392 Emblems

    I am not a black and gold fan… no offense to anyone else, it’s just not to my taste. I went with dark silver and matte black. I wanted to match the AEV badge colors and it came out pretty good. I hand painted the hood badges and clear coated them with a satin finish, added a few matte black...
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    Bronco or wrangler

    Ford bronco vs Jeep Jeep 392…🤣🤣🤣 C’mon man!🤣🤣🤣
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    “Jeep” front fender badge install tips?

    Place a piece of blue painters tape just below where you want the emblem to be. Make sure said piece of tape is LEVEL… This will make installing the emblem or individual letters damn near perfect! My $.02✌🏼
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    Problems with the 392 Rubicon

    392… 3+9+2=14… this is my current fuel mileage!😎✌🏼
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    Pics of my AEV XR 392…

    They are standard on the XR. You can probably get them through Mopar parts? If not, I’m sure they will be available at some point.✌🏼
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    I’ll offer some unsolicited advice due to my past experiences with 3.5”-4.5” lifted CJ’s, JK’s and recently two 392 JL’s… I’ve owned an assortment of engine choices in my Jeeps from 6 cylinders, 5.7’s, 350’s, 6.4’s etc. I’ve mentioned before in several of my posts here @ JEEP392 of what I use...
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    Pics of my AEV XR 392…

    Go to Carolina Metal Master and check out their mounting options… I have one of their freedom top panel screw in mounts and one of the grab bar mounts as well. You will see and find what you need there.✌🏼
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    How Heavy is the Spare?

    My spare tire/wheel weighs approximately 100 pounds. My dealership tried to charge me extra $ for tire rotation ONCE… I laughed in his face and told him to GFY in the nicest way possible. My rear AEV tire carrier withe spare tire/wheel, 10.2 fuel cell combo weighs approximately 250 pounds when...
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    Just thought I’d share…✌🏼

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    Is Gorilla Glass better?

    The Gorilla Glass was an additional $99 when I ordered mine… I contacted my insurance guy and IF it gets cracked by a rock or whatever… it is covered at no charge just like any other windshield. I replaced 3 on my 2014 JK over 7 years of daily driving, off-roading etc. If something happens to...
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    An opportunity to show your ass…

    Nice ass.💪🏼😝
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    Is Gorilla Glass better?

    I feel better while looking through it when eating a banana!!!🍌 💪🏼😁
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    AEV 392 XR…

    It’s not just the 4.56 gears… AEV does a lot of “extras” that I have enjoyed on my past AEV Jeeps. The folks at AEV aren’t just a typical “install shop”… they actually use their Jeeps for the same things I like to do with mine. Sure, I can join the “mall cruisers” that just want to look good...
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    AEV 392 XR…

    The benefit for me was factory warranty on 4.56 gears. This is my 3rd AEV, I had a 2012 with V6, traded for 2014 5.7, daily drove for 7 years. This is the final offering with a factory V8 and I wanted everything I could get with this one. AEV has been phenomenal in their customer care and I’ve...
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    Help me with my build, this idiot needs it

    I am going to dive in with an “opinion” instead of advice… only because it’s mine and… I’m no expert but I feel I have a lot of experience on the matter. I’ll be gentle with my opinion due to everyone’s budget is different. 1. As far as a winch (WARN)… when my latest 392 was shipped to AEV, it...