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  1. Turboencabulator

    Steering Stabilizer Dilemma…

    I have no expertise or experience. But..... I plan on going with the Fox ATS stabilizer here is why. It seems to me one of the biggest complaints I hear about the Jeep Wrangler is "vague/sloppy" steering. I have been researching what remedies exist and the 5 main "fixes" I will explore in order...
  2. Turboencabulator

    Order Timeline

    I like that trick. ;)(y) I ordered Mid October and got my VIN and D status in a few days. Now I wait. Even though they are not building them in sequential VIN Order they are building them in some kind of order (even if it only makes sense to them), often higher VIN numbers these days are...
  3. Turboencabulator

    392 without XR package

    I agree, I think it totally depends on your use. I plan on using mine as a daily driver and for normal on street/freeway use the 4.56 gear is a wee bit low. IMHO I think for a daily driver 35's is about perfect and they fit nicely on the regular 392 from the factory. And finally for me the loss...
  4. Turboencabulator

    Full-time 4WD issues?

    (y) I appreciate your post, and I hope I can add to the discussion with what I have learned so far about this monster truck, no argument on my part. It is important that new owners know what they are getting into and I like all the good info I get on this forum!
  5. Turboencabulator

    Full-time 4WD issues?

    You are correct that on pg. 13 of the 392 Performance Guide it does say: 4H AUTO Four-Wheel Drive Auto High Range — This range is for normal street and highway driving on dry, hard surfaced roads. This range sends power to the front wheels. The four-wheel drive system will be automatically...
  6. Turboencabulator

    Full-time 4WD issues?

    I think your confusing 4WD High Auto and 4WD High Part Time (something I did initially): 4WD High AUTO: This is the default mode in the 392 and is for normal street and highway driving. This range always sends power to the rear wheels. However it will send power to the front wheels...
  7. Turboencabulator

    Lock nuts and side steps for the 392 XR

    Based on what I have seen from the instructions all the Mopar options (rock rails and steps) just mount to the pinch seam holes and the underside of the body ‘u’ channel using brackets. I would imagine that would be fine for light duty use like steps but for dragging it up and down the Rubicon...
  8. Turboencabulator

    Lock nuts and side steps for the 392 XR

    That helps out a ton. I appreciate you taking the time to take some detailed pictures of your rig.
  9. Turboencabulator

    Lock nuts and side steps for the 392 XR

    Just to be clear I think you are referring to this part: Jeep® Performance Parts Rock Rails - Mopar (82215165AB) As opposed to these which are on @CBH jeep which looks awesome IMHO👍. Assist Steps, Side Steps, Molded - Mopar (82215164AB) I guess it comes down to “looks the same caliber as the...
  10. Turboencabulator

    Lock nuts and side steps for the 392 XR

    @CBH Thank you for the photo! I am curious if it hangs out the same distance as the fenders? It looks great! Do you find it helps prevent rocks from being flung up by the front tires and hitting the rear fenders? Also do you find it is wide enough to act as a legitimate step for more vertically...
  11. Turboencabulator

    Sky One touch roof removal

    That is good to know, thanks. I wonder how hard it will be to buy/attach the missing bars? I ordered the sky one touch power top with the half doors so that I can run soft top / half-doors in the summer and sky one touch power top / full-doors in the winter here in the Midwest. The one thing...
  12. Turboencabulator

    All weather Floor Mats

    I am still waiting on my 392 but for removable floor mats I am leaning towards the WeatherTech option. I like that they come up much higher on the center console and footwells than the Mopar Mats. And I prefer the one piece design in the back seat vs the two piece Mopar mats. I also like that...
  13. Turboencabulator

    Jeep 392 VS BMW M3

    I wonder that too. The 4.56:1 of the XR will help but the larger tires and rotational inertia would hurt. But as you mentioned the limiter is the real issue. But it just goes to show that there is no replacement for displacement.
  14. Turboencabulator

    Sky Touch Top

    Yes(y). Here is a video by dieseJL showing the process: I ordered it on my build. It was the only thing my wife insisted on when we ordered.... and the color Firecracker Red, but she is a redhead so that was a given.
  15. Turboencabulator

    The Hemi is officially canceled. Get em while you can

    That is true amigo, El señor Hemi is made in El Mexico in el towno de Saltillo. 🌮:)👉🇲🇽 But in fairness I was referring to where the Jeep is made, right here in Ohio. So I stick by my statement both the Case 150 and Jeep 392 are made in the USA. There are definitely reasons to buy an electric...
  16. Turboencabulator

    The Hemi is officially canceled. Get em while you can

    "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" -Hemi V8, 2021 As a future (on order) 392 owner, I plan on keeping my V8 Jeep for a long, long time. So I have thought what's it going to be like to own this in 10, 20...
  17. Turboencabulator

    Ordered sat got my Vin monday

    I’m in the same boat, ordered Oct 18 for $6,000 off MSRP if anyone is keeping score at home. I hope early Jan we will start to see some movement. Until then it’s like dreaming about Christmas morning, sometimes the wait is just as important as the gift. Hang in there amigo! :)(y) Merry Christmas...
  18. Turboencabulator

    Interesting (almost comical) 4Xe Recalls

    Wow... Wonder never cease in the world of 4Xe unreliability. I went onto the 4Xe forum and it is a shit show of complaints, everything from the vehicle shutting down at freeway speeds to electrical gremlins, Service bulletins, etc. I am so glad I opted for the 392 instead ;)(y). There is such a...
  19. Turboencabulator

    The Smoking Tire has a fun 392 XR Review! The "Irresponsible and Antisocial" Vehicle!

    I’m willing to bet that the tire pressure was way too high hence the “it skitters (sp?) across the ground and rides like it has 100 psi” My guess is that Jeep PR had a new XR dropped off from the factory and the PSI was high for transport. Also I noticed at the 13:10 min mark into the video the...
  20. Turboencabulator

    Confused about the 392 transfer case

    I don't have mine yet so I am sure your right about manually locking only working in 4L and not 4H. I have read in several reviews below that Locking the Rear Diff in 4H may be something the 392 does automatically in Off Road Plus mode for "High Speed Running". Here are some articles describing...