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  1. Rjezonie

    Metal Cloak Lift

    Dude send pics….sounds like a great set up!
  2. Rjezonie

    Vibrations when running on 4 cylinders

    Livernois Motorsports does the MDS turn off feature which shuts down the 4 cyl mode!
  3. Rjezonie

    Vibrations when running on 4 cylinders

    I looked up the MDS manual shift disable trick on YouTube. Will try that tomorrow and see if that fixes the vibration drone noise!
  4. Rjezonie

    Vibrations when running on 4 cylinders

    I and another member have had the same issue. I started another thread because my original search involving vibrations yielded no results. Any updates? I’ll be mentioning it to the dealer here soon. It’s annoying for sure!
  5. Rjezonie

    Vibrations and hum noises

    Apparently we aren’t the only ones.
  6. Rjezonie

    Vibrations and hum noises

    Yup! Most of the time it’s in 4cyl mode or about to go into that mode. I’m with you on the irritating part…so is my wife haha
  7. Rjezonie

    Vibrations and hum noises

    Anyone else noticing vibrations/hum noises when in the 1300-1500 or so range? It’s more noticeable when the exhaust is turned off when everything is supposed to be quieter. Read elsewhere that Ram trucks have issues with MDS and wondering if that’s the cause? Either way this sound/vibration...
  8. Rjezonie

    Rubicon 392 air fliter?

    I’m starting to look now as well. Contacted AFE about a drop in so we’ll see how fast they get back to me.
  9. Rjezonie

    New here

    Man I’d be worried about those being smashed up when 4 wheeling. I’m getting a relocation bracket for sure. Looks sweet though. Need the half doors!
  10. Rjezonie

    Clayton Off Road Lift installed on my 392

    Have taking my 392 on servers trails it’s been really solid. But of course your videos make me want to get a Clayton Off-road Lift. So far here is mine at stock height with 35s and half doors.
  11. Rjezonie

    Do you need mopar oversized tire carrier?

    I slapped on some 35 BFG KM3s on it without anything but the hinge gate reinforcement. No issues.
  12. Rjezonie

    Ordered my SECOND Jeep Wrangler 392 !! Some changes !!

    My 392 got a small crack from a rock kicked up from a vehicle.
  13. Rjezonie

    Problems with the 392 Rubicon

    Maybe exhaust manifold? It’s like really loud cricket chirping…even my wife noticed it in idle and shut off the engine haha Hope the new sensors work out!
  14. Rjezonie

    Jeep Wrangler JL Half Hard Doors - Granite Chrystal with Upper Doors SOLD

    Are those with the premium upper or base? I’m in Loveland btw so it would be an easy grab for me. My 392 is in granite crystal as well. Ryan
  15. Rjezonie

    Problems with the 392 Rubicon

    Mine sounds identical to yours. Now with 2000 miles it does it at idle after warming up.
  16. Rjezonie

    Jeep Wrangler 392 Photos

    Luna loves to go wheeling! Got it nice and dirty this weekend in Winter Park CO. She smiled the whole way haha
  17. Rjezonie

    Jeep Wrangler 392 Photos

    Love the 392!
  18. Rjezonie

    392 -ON THE DEALER LOT- in Austin, TX area - AVAILABLE - I need to back out of my deposit

    I was just emailing back and forth with a dealer there for what sounds like that very same 392 in Austin. Was willing to fly there and drive it back to CO. I ended up finding someone locally that backed out and getting one at MSRP. Good luck bro! Which I knew a week ago