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  1. CBH

    Crooked Muffler/Pipes Solved!

    I noticed my 392, along with others I’ve seen in photos, have mufflers that hang lower on the right side. This causes the right tail pipes to hang lower, as well. I know it’s only cosmetic but the fix is easy, costs nothing, so why not do it?. Using a 15mm deep socket, loosen the two exhaust...
  2. CBH

    Fire Extinguisher Mount

    I am trying to find a suitable fire extinguisher and mount that will attach to the right rear slanted roll bar without damaging the paint. All of the advertisements for mounts show them attached to what appear to be round roll bars, some covered; however, on my 392, the rear slanted rool bar...
  3. CBH

    Exposed Oil Pan and Protruding Oil Pan Plug?

    Is anyone (especially serious off-roaders) concerned about how exposed the oil pan and protruding oil pan plug are on the 392? I measure 13 3/4” clearance to the bottom of the oil plan plug. I don’t know of any company that has created a bracket to protect the oil pan on a Rubicon 392.
  4. CBH

    Hood Lift Kit

    I tried to install a Hood Lift Kit but found out the right side strut hits a steel brace on the right side of the engine bay preventing the hood from closing properly (see damage to blue tape). It appears other Hood Lift Kit manufacturers use the same mounting locations so I don’t believe this...