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  1. Obi Wong Kenobi

    UAW Strike Imminent and Will Most Likey Effect Jeep Plant

    I believe the short term thinking of the union is going to have bad effects for their members in the future. Demanding so much is just going to make the Big 3 finalize their plans to produce all their products in Mexico just to be competitive.
  2. Obi Wong Kenobi

    **STOLEN 392**

    If Russians are after my vehicle, I have a lot more to worry about than the Jeep/TRX.
  3. Obi Wong Kenobi

    **STOLEN 392**

    The Ravelco is a USA product if you didn’t want a Russian (supposedly Ukrainian) product. I live in hot as f*ck Texas so remote start was required and Ravelco doesn’t provide that if you take out the security plug. At the end of the day, I just wanted something that would make it a lot harder to...
  4. Obi Wong Kenobi

    **STOLEN 392**

    I take a lot of short trips and don’t find it annoying? 🤷‍♂️ It takes an extra 5 seconds to press the start button twice, enter the pin and wait for the turn signals to flash, acknowledging I entered it right.
  5. Obi Wong Kenobi

    **STOLEN 392**

    There’s a new thread on the TRX forums comparing the two again. Some useful info if people are considering IGLA, Ravelco or Tazer’s new features:
  6. Obi Wong Kenobi

    20A 392 Might have just got 1 car more rare

    It’s a common misconception that the UAE has no poverty.
  7. Obi Wong Kenobi

    **STOLEN 392**

    Trust me, I wanted to have the Tazer work as it was the less expensive route. In the end, I went with the IGLA and drone install so I wouldn’t have to worry as much about the vehicle still being where I left it.
  8. Obi Wong Kenobi

    **STOLEN 392**

    I had one and got rid of it after a week. If you surf the TRX forums, there’s plenty of info on there about Tazer “security” vs IGLA. Here’s one of them:
  9. Obi Wong Kenobi

    **STOLEN 392**

    Tazer can be bypassed easily whereas IGLA cannot. Also, from what I’ve read, Tazer does not always prompt the pin so I would just take their security feature with a grain of salt. Ravelco is a simple option, but auto start would be a feature you lose when you take the plug with you. I have the...
  10. Obi Wong Kenobi

    @WhiteBronze392 Build

    Hmm I think my case isn’t too thick. I’m actually using this one...
  11. Obi Wong Kenobi

    @WhiteBronze392 Build

    Are you having issues with the strength of the magnet on the 67 Designs G3? I have a Bulletpoint MagSafe mount on the 392 but decided to try the 67D G3 on the TRX and that thing is weak. I’ll hit a speed bump and the phone will fall off even though I added the “eyebrow” magnets. I’m even trying...
  12. Obi Wong Kenobi

    Torn Between '23 or '24 392

    Since a lot of those chiming in are 24 owners, I figured I’d chime in as a 23 owner. I think there’s a couple of factors to consider should you get either. Can you find a good deal on a new 23? You would probably save more money by ordering a 24 from Mark Dodge, Granger, etc for thousands lower...
  13. Obi Wong Kenobi

    Ohlins shocks

    Loved them on my bikes too! I wish someone could do a comparison of the Fox next to the Ohlins.
  14. Obi Wong Kenobi

    Underground Graphics is here!

    Welcome to the forum! I’ve had Underground products on both the Jeep and Ram and love the quality material they use.
  15. Obi Wong Kenobi

    Ohlins shocks

    Just ran across this last night and wasn’t sure if anyone linked it yet. I’ve always liked Ohlins on other cars as a good balance between every day comfort and being a little sportier than OEM at the track so I find it interesting they made an application for the Wrangler. It looks like they...
  16. Obi Wong Kenobi

    Deciding between 392 and the BRaptor

    It’s negotiable and that’s just a line the sales manager probably told the sales person. Wheel locks for $295 is a crime too. I would pass on those dealer add-on’s as you can get the wheel locks on Amazon for $40 and their cost on the tracking unit is probably less than $150.
  17. Obi Wong Kenobi

    392 - 2023-2024 White

    Seems to show it has both packages on the window sticker.
  18. Obi Wong Kenobi

    392s in the wild...

    Seen this 392 a couple times on Hwy 71 around Bee Cave but I’m never driving my Jeep when I see them. Took a really crappy photo while at the stoplight to see if you‘re on here. I was in the TRX trying to get your attention. 🤪
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  20. Obi Wong Kenobi

    DEAL 7% off 2024 Jeep Wrangler 392 @ Granger Motors

    Most reviews I’ve read about have high praise for Granger and how easy the experience was in person. Sulley’s recent experience is the exception as it was a remote transaction and the finance manager wasn’t very responsive to his requests which can suck. Pretty sure we can agree most of us don’t...