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    Rubicon 20th Anniversary Edition Discussion

    Take off the panel and send it to Distinction Applied. They can change it to bronze and it will look factory.
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    2023 Headlight switch

    I have been wanting to do the gladiator version that has a 2 part fog switch. On the gladiator it’s for the bed light. On euro models it for rear fogs. Could be very useful in a number of ways.
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    Replacing OEM fog lights with long range lights

    4x probably or more, they are actually significantly brighter than the main headlights.
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    Winch Sag?

    The exact reason I opted for not getting the Platinum. I added their Bluetooth dongle and now I have both options.
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    Winch Sag?

    I just put a Zeon 10s on mine using factory bumper and Artec's winch plate. Unfortunately I did not measure the sag. I did however initially notice a big difference in the feel of the front end when driving first few days. I daily mine so I am very in tune with changes. It felt almost pigish...
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    Replacing OEM fog lights with long range lights

    I have the Baja squadron pros with the wide cornering pattern. They throw a huge amount of light, especially to the sides. Great for seeing and not hitting deer, etc…
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    Warn 12-S Zeon with Maximus winch plate

    I just installed a Zeon 10s on mine. I used this cutoff switch from American Adventure labs. It was super easy bolt on install. It has more than enough amp rating to safely work with the winch. Only thing you need to go with it is a couple 6mm cap head bolts for the mount plate and a 3ft 2ga...
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    Anyone know of a good divorce attorney in Florida?

    Who put that D ring on? If it was the instructor jeeez!!!!!
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    AWE SwitchPath Exhaust for your JEEP 392 - WE HAVE THEM IN-STOCK! (VIDEO included)

    I think the perceived benefit to the AWE is clearance and departure angle was clearly part of the design process. The factory setup works and sounds great but it’s low hanging fruit. The Borla muffler is nicely tucked in but the tips are wide and to me look like they are right where you would...
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    AWE SwitchPath Exhaust for your JEEP 392 - WE HAVE THEM IN-STOCK! (VIDEO included)

    Finally something with clearance in mind that still keeps the factory functionality. Sold, bonus if it comes in black.
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    One interesting 392 XR difference you may not know

    Yup he is The Godfather of the 392
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    Winch plate recommendations

    Where did you get your filler plates?
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    Lift Kit Size

    No difference in suspension height but you do get 1” from the larger tires.
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    Audio system upgrade

    Do you think it was the PAC unit? Were you running analog to the amps or optical to DSP amps? I’m getting ready to go down same path. JL C7 components front and rear, PAC for OEM integration, JL Vxi dsp amps, dual JL stealth boxes, etc…
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    392 Parked Next To Land Rover Defender

    Land Rover definitely missed the mark on the new defender.