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  1. Tank2112

    37" Nitto's on my 392 *Stock Wheels/No Lift

    How have your KM3's held up? Any cupping on tread? Ride quality vs. KO2's? Road noise vs. K02's after milage?
  2. Tank2112

    Front Drive Shaft Clearance

    Eventually someone, (ex. Teraflex-Rezeppa), will make a stronger "factory style" front driveshaft for our lifted 392's. With our factory designed full-time 4 wheel drive transfer case, I'm concerned about longevity of the front drive shaft with a standard u-joint style front drive shaft. A...
  3. Tank2112

    ECM New 2023 Jeep 392 Diablosport i3 Tuner

    Could be they were not intentionally looking for it? Did you have a warranty claim with engine, where they may have looked?
  4. Tank2112

    ECM New 2023 Jeep 392 Diablosport i3 Tuner

    Jeep service dept can tell if ECM is removed/replaced, even if you return it back to stock PCM. Something to do with milage/transmission code they can see.
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    🤯 ULTIMATE Wheel & Tire Photo Thread...

    Did you lift Jeep or is it stock XR height? Any reason to not use stock XR wheels?
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  7. Tank2112

    🤯 ULTIMATE Wheel & Tire Photo Thread...

    On your Jeep? How do they differ, on-road, from stock K02's ?
  8. Tank2112

    Nismo1013’s RV8ICON Build

    Nicely done.
  9. Tank2112

    New Falcon Coilovers for the JL

    Look how close hydraulic bump-stops are to the contact point on axle. Almost riding on bump-stops. Having a taller Jeep on 42" Trepadors, my first trip to Moab, I did a quickly felt the need for lower center of gravity. To help accomplish this, I lowered ride height on my custom LJ by...
  10. Tank2112

    Gladiator Getting 2024 Refresh

    I expect to eventually see the twin-turbocharged 6 cylinder Hurricane engine in the Gladiator.
  11. Tank2112

    Tazer gremlin - 4H Auto flickers in Force RWD

    I'll ask again... when using a Taser Mini and running in Forced RWD, forcing clutches to not engage... does it put addition strain on the electric motor inside transfer case? The very electric motor that has caused numerous transfer cases to fail.
  12. Tank2112

    Tazer gremlin - 4H Auto flickers in Force RWD

    When using Taser Mini, and in Forced 2-wd... does this over work the electric motor inside transfer case? Potentially shortening life of the electric motor?
  13. Tank2112

    2024 OEM hitch change

    Right, but that has more to do with vehicle dynamics than bumper strength. Good to know my 2023 has 4 bolts...
  14. Tank2112

    2024 OEM hitch change

    2024 4 bolt hitch should make for a stronger recovery point, with proper attachment. Think the limited weight tow rating has more to do with vehicle length, width and height....being able to handle emergency maneuver situations.
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    The Off Road/Trail Pics & Video Thread

    Little coilover action going with those 40's and Currie's. Nice! What lift and how long are coilover shocks?
  17. Tank2112

    ARH Longtube Headers

    They claim all-in with high performance cam shaft and tune may net additional 50hp. Depends if it's worth opening the engine to you? However, with long tube headers and a cam swap, it will sound mean at idle. I have the Magnaflow Street system, that should sound similar to your Rock Crawler...
  18. Tank2112

    Factory Upgrades MY2024 vs. other years

    I'd say try it for yourself. Someone can always talk you into spending money. If you stay 37"-38" tires or smaller, stock brakes should be fine. I read, per Scott Blum.....The previous XR 35" tires package did include the vacuum brake booster upgrade over the non-XR 33" tires. I have a 2023 XR...
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  20. Tank2112

    List your top 3 most hideous Wrangler "mods"

    Pretty much everything about this lime green Jeep.