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    Getting to Guinea Pig the Gorilla Glass Repair/Replacement Warranty...

    We had a snow/ice storm blow through a week or so ago while I was in a restaurant. Came out and sat in the Jeep for a few minutes while it warmed up and ran the defroster. Once the windshield was clear enough to drive I backed out of the space and made about 10 feet of forward progress when I...
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    Exhaust rattle....

    I don’t think mine is coming from these tabs or the rear glass. It’s dead quiet in all driving on all surfaces until I stomp on the go pedal. It really sounds like it’s exhaust. I’ll look a little more
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    Exhaust rattle....

    Is there a known fix for this?
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    JOTM March 2022 Jeep 392 of the Month starts now!

    It's almost like they're related...
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    Exhaust rattle....

    not yet
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    Exhaust rattle....

    Mine just started doing this as well; only when accelerating briskly. I was wondering if it was the baffle or maybe a heat shield or something as well. I'll try to locate it this weekend.
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    The Jeep Wave

    I didn't realize how much I missed (and enjoy again) the Jeep wave. Cool to have a group of strangers waving to one another as they drive around. I enjoy the sound this Jeep makes when I stomp on the skinny pedal so much that I'm starting feel a little guilty (not really) about the environmental...
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    High pitch beeping

    That's amazing 😂
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    392 Side Step and Running Board Ideas

    This shop has installed a bunch of these, and while they’ve seen a few problems they said this was a new one for them. They’re pretty sure it’s the circuit board in the passenger side. Will let you know when we get a solution; thanks for the help!
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    392 Side Step and Running Board Ideas

    Had mine RSE Gen3’s installed today…sort of. First of all a big thank you to 4WP for a good deal and reasonable install costs. As far as the steps…they’re on, but don’t work. All the signals test as if they’re functional, but the passenger side doesn’t work at all and the driver side will drop...
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    JOTM February 2022 Jeep 392 of the Month starts now!

    St. Louis, on the way home from picking it up in Iowa
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    DEAL 2022 Wrangler 392 - $6,000 OFF MSRP

    So I am the proud owner of a Sarge Green 392! I traveled with two of my sons last week to pick it up and drive it home. I wanted to share my experience so the rest of you know what to expect. Communication with Granger was difficult as I prepared to fly to Iowa with two little boys and make a...
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    DEAL 2022 Wrangler 392 - $6,000 OFF MSRP

    Got notification from Granger today that they have received my Jeep! Ordered 10/23. Waiting to see photos of it (hopefully tomorrow!) and I’m told I need to sign a purchase agreement, although I thought I’d already done that with my deposit back in October; maybe this is different. If we can get...
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    DEAL 2022 Wrangler 392 - $6,000 OFF MSRP

    Evidently the one in transit is mine; I’m super excited knowing we’re getting close to making the trip to Iowa to pick it up. I’m going to fly out with my 6 year old (sounds crazy, but he’s an easy going, low maintenance little fellow) and make a cool trip out of it. Will be a good way to do the...
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    My 392 is on the train!

    Mine shipped somewhere between 12/20 and 12/22 (not exactly sure) and the dealer in Iowa tells me they expect to receive it sometime between 1/14 and 1/24. The anticipation is certainly building, isn't it?