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    Pulling the trigger today

    Congrats and hope your are able to get the discount, I was unsuccessful as it was deemed non eligible by my dealer. Maybe due to ordering mine early in the process and exclusions may have changed since.. either way, you will enjoy the Jeep!
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    392 cold start noise

    Yes several threads on this one as it appears its a 6.4 thing in general.. Mine has done it since day one and appears to be an exhaust noise that is “normal” and no cause for concern from what I gather.
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    Delivery Dates

    Seems some are getting better but my experience moved several months back from a February order date on dealer allocation to pick up in mid August. Good luck and have some patience, it’s worth the wait!
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    Trail Rail System

    Ingenious I tell ya! Thanks for sharing.
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    Trail Rail System

    Yea me too! I will find some down time and keep you posted on the outcome.
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    Trail Rail System

    Agreed but I want to mount some ammo cans to mine at some point to keep hunting and camping gear for easy access… I just need to find some time to get my creative juices flowing and ill share at some point!
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    Trail Rail System

    I have it on mine also and haven’t found a good use for tailgate rails yet… I want to put some bags for tools and other stuff but haven’t messed around with doing it yet. As Byhumba said, the floor rails i use for the same purposes he mentioned.
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    First Oil Change

    I have 1500 on mine now and have plans to change at 2K myself. I have seen many on other forums with 6.4s doing something similar around that interval, so thought I would follow suit.. Think 1K oil change is fine if that’s what you feel you want to do… Can’t hurt I would say. You enjoying yours...
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    The Wait is Over

    Congrats! That is the tough part for sure!! Enjoy
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    You can’t buy happiness but….

    That’s awesome! Should be the the new official tailgate tag for 392🤠
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    This should be fun… What did you name your 392?

    Ok…. Mine is fitting for the time it took from order to delivery and all those that still haven’t take ownership of theirs yet. Call her MILF. ( Man I’m Lucky as F**K)
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    🤯 ULTIMATE Wheel & Tire Photo Thread...

    Thanks. I toyed with bronze myself but for the gray the black out looked better to me.. all about preferences I guess!!
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    🤯 ULTIMATE Wheel & Tire Photo Thread...

    Wicked Off Road 20x10 -12 wheels and 35x12.5x20 Goodyear Ultra terrain tires
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    Sky Touch or Dual Top

    Got my 392 a few weeks back and opted for the Sky one touch top based on researching prior to ordering in March. I’ve owned many Jeep’s over the years and was tired of taking hard tops off which really limited me going topless for years. I can say the sky touch is the best option for me and I’m...
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    JOTM August 2021 Jeep 392 of the Month starts now!

    I’ll start….. only had for a couple weeks so just street pics thus far. Swapped our wheels and tires to 35” and black Wicked off road wheels. Still smile every time I drive it!! It’s is truly the best Jeep I’ve owned over many years.